Amanda Temple | METAL & CANVAS

These pieces are made in Bermuda. Please email me for further details.
Five Apples - Acrylic and silver leaf on canvas 30x30 $2,100Dahlia 36x24 $2,100A Pair of Pods 36x24 $2,100The Fruit of Time and Tide 56"x48" $5,000Paget Gable 10x10 $145The Hitching Post 20x20 $750Marco Solo - Silver leafed canvas 10x10 $175Frolicking Fiddleheads 8x8 $105Fiddlehead Heart 10x10 $125Felicité's Fish 08 12x12 $195Red Parrot 12x12 $195Ranunculus 8x8 $1056x6 $85 eachShell of the Padt 8x10 $125